Our Philosophy

Our Counseling Philosophy

Sometimes life is hard. Occasionally, everyone could benefit from some help with coping. Most individuals and families are doing the best they can, given their current circumstances and level of personal and interpersonal skills. many are just “Stuck,” using coping methods and solutions learned at some time in the past, but no longer adequate to the situation at hand. We believe that most people, with the assistance of a nonjudgmental, skilled, respectful therapist, can discover solutions to many of their problems and formulate more fulfilling ways of living their lives. We do not pretend to be experts on anyone’s life; our clients are the authority on their lives. We believe in respectfully working together with clients to find solutions, in collaborating with them, in building upon their strengths and competencies, and not in telling people what to do or “giving the the answers.”

Clients accepted without regard to age, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.


Children, adolescents, adults



(single parent-led, biological parents-led, grandparent-led, blended and remarried families, various configurations of immediate and extended families)

What We Treat

• Bipolar Disorder
• Adult and Childhood Depression
• Anxiety Disorders
• Separation and Divorce
• Substance Abuse
• Marital Affairs
• Communication Training
• Single Parent Difficulties
• Discipline and Limit-Setting
• Parenting Skills
• Child Custody
• Job Choices
• Problem-Solving Skills
• Coping with Financial Problems
• Adolescent Autonomy
• School Refusal

• Developmental Delays
• Family Structural Difficulties
• Adolescent Sexuality
• Serious Long-Term Physical Illness
• Chronic Pain
• Grief and Loss
• Parental Neglect and Abandonment
• Suicide Ideation
• Gender and Power Problems within Couples and Families
• Anger Management
• Conduct Disorder
• Oppositional/Defiant Disorder
• Adversarial Parent-School Relationships
• Cultural Adjustment
• Intergenerational Problems
• Difficulties Faced by Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren